Broaden the horizon of financial advice

Toucan values your time in ways other providers won't.

Impartial means unbiased

At Toucan, we believe bias creates conflicts that have no place in advisory relationships. We have removed conflicts routinely found in financial services from our business and documented those commitments in writing.

Toucan believes financial planning is an ongoing process for achieving your goals. Ours begins with a 30-minute no-obligation call where we learn about you and address any unanswered questions. Once you become a client, we analyze your situation, succinctly articulate and, with your approval, implement our recommendations. We clearly communicate our progress and revisit your plan on a recurring basis – at least annually – or more frequently, as warranted.

Traditional wealth managers resist advising on assets not held with them, resulting in incomplete advice. Toucan does it differently. We advise on your entire balance sheet regardless of where your assets are held, including “untouchable” assets like qualified retirement plans, restricted stock, closely-held private businesses, and cryptocurrencies. We review the whole picture to leverage assets and strategies you may have overlooked (i.e., credit card points and miles).

Toucan maintains a long-term approach to investing and believes public (particularly, equity) markets are difficult to outperform over time. We focus on what we can control—behavior, risk, expenses, and taxes.

Toucan values expertise. When we have it, we will share it fully for your benefit. When we don’t, we will let you know. Toucan will always coordinate with your other advisors, should you have them or suggest expert partners, as needed.

Communication with your advisor should be easy and allow for routine, planned engagements and ad hoc questions. We meet you where you are, whether that means text, Slack, meeting in person or over video conference.

Let's get to know each other

How can we help you reach your goals?

Toucan's mission is to improve access to expert and impartial financial advice in the communities we serve.

We donate 2% of our net income and 2% of our time (approximately 40 hours a year per employee) to financial empowerment 501(c)(3) programs.