An impartial, transparent & independent financial planner.

Toucan is a full-service advisor & multi-family office.

We believe in the value of planning. We charge a fair and fixed annual fee. We invest for the long term. We don’t believe in active management in public markets. We pride ourselves on being accessible, responsive, proactive, and hospitable in our engagements with clients.

Toucan is designed to be as conflict-free as possible. The only revenue we receive comes directly from you, our client. We do not receive sales-related (referral fees, affiliate links, commissions, or selling agreements) compensation of any kind. Our advice benefits you and you alone.

At Toucan, we’ll tell you the truth, in clear and simple terms, to shorten your learning curve and filter out the noise. We charge a flat annual fee that is agreed upon in advance and resets annually to account for change. Toucan offers value, routinely charging two-thirds to half the fee of traditional providers.

Toucan is a fee-only fiduciary and platform agnostic. We use Charles Schwab as our custodian and think retail banking (checking and savings) has been commoditized. If you are happy with your existing providers, you are not obligated to hold your assets with us. Our fee includes asset management but it is not required and you’ll never be locked into proprietary products.

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Toucan's mission is to improve access to expert and impartial financial advice in the communities we serve.

We donate 2% of our net income and 2% of our time (approximately 40 hours a year per employee) to financial empowerment 501(c)(3) programs.